Regional Development

Puntas de José Ignacio is an area in Uruguay with a rich history in which we will conduct a project for regional development. This project is managed by experienced Austrian and international experts and will combine sustainable development with green tourism, sustainable products and agriculture and the existing rich history of Uruguay.

Project Highlights

Project Scope


For Investors

  • Direct ownership of project company
  • Direct profit from rising land prices
  • Direct sale of land through project company
  • Average historic returns 5-7% p.a.
  • Exponential rise in returns due to regional development possible

For Companies

  • Regional scope for design
  • Creation of new growth potentials
  • Market access to a new target group
  • Knowhow transfer through employee exchanges
  • Better company image through supporting local professionals and sustainable products

For (private) Small Investors

  • Secure investment with low risk
  • Above-average returns
  • Already starting at 10.000 €
  • Convertible to privately used land
  • Security for your pension or as a summer home

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Establecimiento Puntas de Jose Ignacio



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