Puntas de José Ignacio

An area with high potential and excellent connections

Beautiful landscapes combined with a warm and satisfactory climate

Puntas de José Ignacio is a fertile area in the district of Maldonado in Uruguay. With 150 kilometers of distance to the capital city Montevideo and only 60 kilometers away from high-class tourism destinations like Punta del Este and José Ignacio, Puntas de José Ignacio offers great potential. Located at the historic border between Portugal and Spain, the area also acts as the start of the Jesuit Path which ranges from Uruguay up to Bolivia. Even though Puntas de José Ignacio is situated in close proximity to the noble tourism destinations, offers fertile land and has a rich history, the area itself is still economically underdeveloped. The whole district of Maldonado has more than 160.000 inhabitants, but attracts more than one million tourists each year.

We could already sell most of the originally bought land and have only around 300 hectare left for sale. The whole area will see further price increases within the next months and years, mostly due to its proximity to the noble tourism destinations, the general economic upswing as well as the continuously rising numbers of tourists. This rise in prices will also help in making the area more attractive to local and foreign investors. Within the 300 hectare which are currently left in our portfolio, about five hectare will be held back for the development of the “smart village”.

Hectare land available
Kilometers to noble tourism dest.
Kilometers to Montevideo
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Tourists per year (Maldonado)

Aerial View*

*The area shown does not represent the actual area of the project. If you are interested to get the exact coordinates, please get in contact with us.


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