Innovative and sustainable regional development in Uruguay

The goal of this project is to develop a sustainable village in the area “Puntas de José Ignacio”, which is rich in history. This village will combine the rich European-Uruguayan history and make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for local and international visitors. This village will also act as a successful example of innovative regional development with rich culture and green tourism.

With Austrian knowhow and experience, the buildings within the village will be built with cutting-edge technologies and made as energy-efficient as possible. Additionally, the surrounding agricultural fields will be cultivated as well. The infrastructure, which is not yet fully developed in this region, will also see a significant growth. As an integral part, the creation of an apprentice-cluster will bring international knowhow and growth-opportunities to the area and will support the ecological production of goods, food, and other aspects. By doing so, the local value added will be significant and many jobs will be created.

Project goals: The goal of this project is a sustinable economical, cultural and social development of the wide area of “Puntas de José Ignacio”. Due to the fertile agricultural prerequisites and the supporting climate, the area chosen for this project provides the ideal condition. The Uruguayan government has recently declared a wide-ranging area, which also incorporates the region of “Puntas de José Ignacio”, as a region with high touristy-interest.

The whole project will be carried out in close cooperation with the local government. Current developments and next steps are discussed in regular project meetings. By doing so, we can ensure that the local government is involved in every step of the way and can support their own interest in a collaborative manner.

The concept has been developed in close collaboration with the directors of the local government and with the rural interests in mind. By taking their wishes and feedback, and intregrating it into the project plan, the political support is guaranteed.

Apart from the joint project meetings, the actual project site has been visited many times by the project coordinators, and the directors of the local government. With government representatives, first infrastructure requirements have been discussed and decided upon.

Tradition is a key element in Uruguay. That’s why the cultural aspects have also been integrated into the project scope. Various horse farms in close proximity to the project site enable a traditional means of transport.


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